Pament Entry Problem against Sales Invoice

We have made a sales invoice of 21240 rupees. The client has made payment in installments.

1st payment is 9000.00. However while making payment entry against the sales invoice, there seems to be some problem and we are not able to make the entry. The below screenshot :

The error is Debit and Credit not equal for payment entry.

Seems some misconfiguration with my accounts or some other error.

another screenshot :

Kindly help…!

Please check the Account Type and Root Type of your Bank Account (set in field Account Paid To in Payment Entry) in Chart of Accounts

Hi, Thanks for your response. I have checked everything and it seems fine.
However, there seems to be something missing from create Party Type as i cant create any party or set permissions in admin mode as well.

Last time when I was using ERPNEXT V 12, things were perfect but some things went crazy when i updated to V 13. still I did a bench update but it didnt worked.

In fact even if i go to Administrator–> user permission

→ (as below, nothing comes up in For Value field)

What would be your opinion, shall i clean install again? but need some backup with items, print formats, sales orders, letterheads, etc.

some modules seems missing

In V13 : When entering partial payment, for example sales invoice is 5000 and you are making payment entry of 3000, in the “paid amount (currency)” we should write 3000 and in the below table of References, add same 3000 in “Allocated Amount” column. Then you will be able to submit the payment entry. Basically this shall get auto update so that the error would vanish.