Parameter in

Dear all,

1- In the there are many parameters to customize ERPNext behaviour, e.g:

notification_config =
get_help_messages = 
get_user_progress_slides = 
update_and_get_user_progress = 

Is there any list to see the complete available parameters?
Or where (how) can I find those parameters?

2- How to reroute a directory/folder from default one to the one in custom app?
Is it the same as routing a web page?

website_route_rules = [
{"from_route": "/orders", "to_route": "Sales Order"},
{"from_route": "/orders/<path:name>", "to_route": "order",
	"defaults": {
		"doctype": "Sales Order",
		"parents": [{"label": _("Orders"), "route": "orders"}]

Thank you for any help.

You can check this…

OK Thanks.
But if I want to get a parameter that is not in the ERPNext’s hooks, how can I get the list of parameters?