Parent Doctype set as Child Table, now not accessible anymore

Hi, I am new to this forum.

I am experimenting with erpnext and testing the Project and Task doctypes.

I tried to customize the Task doctype by setting the ‘is Child table’ checkbox to see if I can make it appear as child in Project edit page. I was not successful.

I tried to uncheck again the ‘is Child Table’ but now I can not access the Task List view. How do i resolve this? thanks

Hi @france.rse,

At the top of your browser window, type ‘Customize Form’ in the search bar.

From this next screen, you can select “Task”. And then continue making customizations.

@brian_pond thanks for the response.

Yes I can actually access the Task customization page no problem.

My problem is that I cannot access the Task List page anymore after toggling the “is Child Table” checkbox in the Task customization.

As I understand, the Task doctype is a parent document and not a child table. So now I think I might have damage the Task metadata when I toggle the checkbox.

I need help on how to undo this damage and I was hoping those with in-depth Frappe knowledge can give me suggestions.

In order to populate your child table, you should have one parent doctype and child doctype.
your child table should check the ‘is child table’.
Then in you parent doctype, fieldtype should be table and in the option give your child table name.
This should work