Part time employees - logging hours


Can we use the time logs for part time employees who get paid by the hour? How can we use the sales invoice so that it charges the company? Is it just a matter of changing the account payable?


As far as I can tell, this is not what the time logs are for. They look to be only for keeping track of expenses on projects and operations.

As far as the sales invoice charging the company, in what way do you need this? You could just make a journal entry or purchase invoice to charge the company.


Time Log is a generic form and you could use it for working hours of part time workers as well. To segregate it with other Time Logs, create new Activity Type may be. Also Activity Cost masters will be different (optional).

You cannot create Purchase Invoice from Time Logs. You should use Time Log for tracking. Based on the data received from Time Log report, create Purchase Invoice where expense will be booked.