Partial Invoice

Hi there,

we are looking for an solution or workaround for our invoicing.
We’d need something to create a down payment (percentual payment of the whole sum) and after that some partial payments ( payment 1 of 10, 2of 10 and so on) until we can create the final invoice.
I’ve been looking for an solution for a while, but just can’t seem to find any.

Maybe someone has a workaround for that.


Make payment against SO and once all the payments are completed, issue an invoice?

I think the simplest way to achieve this is to use the UOM that supports Fractions. Like, say, Units. Make a Sales Order for 1 Unit. And every time keep making an invoice for the percentage of the payment you are receiving. Or the invoice amount you wish to make. Of course there is no reason why you cannot make the Sales Order for 100 Nos (where Nos has to be Whole Numbers).

How you want the Print Format to display can be controlled in the HTML print format, so that the customer does not get to see, say 0.2 Units, but gets to see 20% (or whatever you want printed on the Invoice).

Hope this helps.



Thank you for your ideas.
Making payments against an SO and creating an invoice after that doesnt work for us, because we have to send out an partial invoice before creating an payment.

Changing the UOM to fractions would work in a sense but we’d have to change all items to those UOM as every item could be sold with an partial invoicing.

Our idea would be to create an custom doctype for an partial invoice but I guess, that would need a lot of work to get implemented in the invoicing workflow.

Setup a separate Non-Stock item for partial invoices. Or use the Payment Entry format to make it look like it is an Invoice. But cut the actual invoice only after payments above a specific threshold has been received.

Flush out the Stocks using a delivery note.

None of this is elegant, but it’s difficult for any structured data system to accommodate such non-mainstream requirements.

Hack it and find a workaround that works for you is my suggestion.

I would still think that the Invoice is best raised once when you have received payment beyond a particular threshold. And Payment Request. Or Payment entry is the way to go. Else, you will have trouble with housekeeping on ERPNext.

But then there is the regulatory compliance angle which usually ends up dictating how you want to handle this.

Hope this helps.



Just create a print format for Payment Entry. And send that every time customer makes a payment. Or better, create a print format for Sales Order with outstanding and paid amount visible.

I make Sales Order for full value. Then make invoice of the partial amount. Works for me as we dont have stock items. I am not sure if stock items can be partially billed.

Make payment entry against the sales invoice when payment is received.

How do you manipulate the item table in order to adjust the amount?

Imagine I sell an item for 10,000. Customer pays 2500 as advance. How do you invoice the same? You either will have to adjust the qty or rate. If my UOM doesn’t allow fractions, adjusting qty is out of the picture. And if I adjust the rate, it might affect the valuation rate and hence create another mess.

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Are you invoicing an inventory item or non inventory item? Is there purchase involved for the same?

We have the same issue. Would like to know how you manage the amount on the items. Also, how can you automatically change the payment schedule if it is also partial?

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