Partial leave allocation

Hi, what would be the best approach to manage partial leaves (other than 1 or 0.5 days?)

Our company allows employees to go to the doctor and we would need to record how many hours they spent at the doctor, rarely exactly 0.5 days.

Could I somehow force the read only “total_leave_days” field to be writable and type in the partial amount? Is that recommended or would I brake something when updating since I would be customizing a default field?

Could it be done via custom client script, safely?

Yes, analyzing the calls with the field “total_leave_days” is possible and the variable is of type “float”.
From quick look it looks safe to change the variable to decimal places in custom scripts.

You should be safe in editing the variable in custom scripts after saving the “Leave Application”. You can not edit “total_leave_days” to be writeable in the form since it is being calculated a few times while editing “Leave Application”.

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Thank you for your time looking at the code and answer :pray: I will attempt now.