Partial Return of Sales Invoice

How to do partial return of Sales Invoice in erpnext?

Sales invoice is having a product with qty-5 and just want to return 2 out of 5 products. At this moment, we couldn’t find any solution to do it.

@jparikh Hi guess there is provision to return particular quantity of sales invoice in erpnext

After Submitting SI there is make button choose return option select (-qty) to return particular qty.

@khushal_t We tried to return product by clicking on Make btn and altered returned qty to -2 instead of original -5 qty. But end up getting error message.

Check the value of Paid Amount, you need to change it manually

Thanks @nabinhait and @khushal_t for quick solution.

Quick summary of what we have done.

  1. Made an order of 10 Books. Sales Invoice status has been changed to Paid.
  2. Returned 5 Books from Sales Invoice.
  3. Changed Amount under Payments in Sales Invoice.
  4. Done. Item has been returned!:smiley:
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