Partially Cancel a Sales Order

I do not want to close the sales order which has been partially delivered since this will remove the order from all the reporting like sales order analysis.
I just need to cancel the pending quantities which are not to be delivered. I can update the quantities here but, this will remove the history of actual order quantity.
How can I achieve this?
Thank You

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Hi @turqosoft,

I think don’t cancel it.
Please follow the step.

If the Sales Order has 10 qty and delivers only 7 qty then you can update qty via the Update Items button.

Please check it.

  • Sales Order with 10 Qty.

  • Delivery Node make from Sales Order with 7 Qty.

  • Then don’t cancel it. Please go to the Sales Order, Click on Update Items, and enter the qty = 7.

  • Then check the status.

Thank You!

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Thank You for the details. This is the process we follow now.
But, we don’t want to loose the order history, If we update the order quantity to 7, there is no way we can know how much was the original order quantity.
So, in order to maintain the order history and to give a reason for partial cancellation we are looking for this option.

Hi @turqosoft,

I think you, add the custom field (Order QTY) in the Sales Order Item table and apply the client/server script according to your Scenario.

Thank You!

Thank you for the idea. Let me try that out. But need to add additional features to bulk update pending orders in addition to updating order quantity one by one.