Partner Webinar: Presenting the success story of BTI - A Frappe Partner

Working with Frappe Partners ensures that your #ERPNext platform is supported by the most efficient and experienced team!

We are pleased to host a webinar with our Partner, Abdullah Abu Rasin from BTI

Get a chance to hear his success story.

Our in-house Partner Manager, Bopanna Ganapathy will walk you through the partnership program which will help you understand the Frappe Partner ecosystem better.

Block your calendar now!

Webinar details:

Meeting ID: 869 6251 8681


@Ambareen I missed it, did you record it? Please share the video! thank you

Hi! Sure we will share the recorded webinar soon.

“There lies a huge opportunity for partners to engage with Frappe on all the levels be it Delivery, Sales, or Development. Win the leads and mark your territory. The leads shall be shared based on the past performance of the partners.”

Sharing some inside stories from the webinar. Know the complete success story of Saudi-BTI here.

Abdullah Abu Rasin, Umair Sayed, and Bopanna Ganapathy share their partnership journey with Frappe and ERPNext

Check it out now!

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