Party Account 2110 - Creditors currency and document currency should be same

Dear Support, I’m facing this issue while submitting the Purchase Invoice:

Hi @rachanna,

Please check your account currency and purchase invoice transaction currency both will be the same then you can submit the invoice.

Thank You!

yet another thing I’m going to have to break… :stuck_out_tongue:

We have for a long time run effectively ‘fake’ foreign invoices because of how we sell stuff. Specifically we are on eBay Managed Payments, so we sell things in foreign currencies (e.g. EUR) but we actually receive the money in home currency (GBP). Nonetheless, we still want to produce the invoices in EUR for the benefit of the customer and customs etc, and just tweak each exchange rate to make sure that it converts to the ‘correct’ EUR and GBP amounts (this is all done automagically by some eBay API wizardry).

That means, however, that every bank account on the invoice is in GBP while the transactions are in EUR… I have already had to tweak various things using a custom SalesInvoice class to prevent other validation errors/‘helpful’ field filling, but generally ERPNext seems to just do the right thing and put the right currency into the right accounts if given a chance.

We are also experiencing this now for the newly created suppliers only but for the past years and for the old suppliers we can still create invoices for AP with different document Currency. For example, the document currency is billed as INR but on our credit card, we convert the invoice into USD since we pay the supplier in USD.

We also do this since our profit and loss statement should be in USD. Or are we doing it wrong?

ERPNext: v13.34.1 (HEAD)
Frappe Framework: v13.33.1 (HEAD)

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What version of ERPNext is this?

I can’t find this option in v13.34.2

Sorry, it is version 13.
ERPNext: v13.36.3 (version-13)
Frappe Framework: v13.37.1 (version-13)

Thanks, I will update.

simply, this is the solution. much appreciated @kingsley