Party and Party Type for Account to process payroll

Hello, where can I configure the value for Party and Party type for an account? I’m trying to process a payment slip, when I want to create the bank entry via automatic journal entry, it says the account I selected needs a party, however form the account configuration I don’t see an option to select the party and since this automatically generated I cannot create it in the journal entry. Any suggestion?

Which account have you selected as “Default Payroll Payable Account”? The account type for the account should not be “Payable”, it should be blank.
After making it blank, system will not ask for party and party type.

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And that solved the issue!!! thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Do you know if there is document where it describes in depth those type of details… I certainly had marked the account as payable and you pointed out the issue very quickly. I would like to get that level of knowledge for my team. Thanks again.


hi @wizard0207 you can check the doc you get anything there or you can ask this lovely community and surtenly you will get an answer.

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