Party column on journal entries

Hi all, I tried to make an opening balance which there is a account payable on the journal. there is two person for that account payable. to distinguish who is account payable this and that I used party column. I think party column are the column to set a name for the party, but when I tried to set a name and save it, every name that I set is missing and I don’t know how that party column works. If anyone can tell me how to setup or make that happen, that would be great!

In this case, you will have to set up “Supplier” master and then use “Party Type” of Supplier in your transactions and select the correct Supplier Name in “Party” column. Welcome to the Party :slight_smile:

@Pawan I found party lists on the search menu and found supplier, customer and employee party. My account payable is from creditor so it doesn’t make sense if I use supplier as the party. When I tried to make new party, it send me to new_module_def. I don’t understand at all about it, is there any manual or something to make a new party?

If you want to make payment or receive payment from any Party (This could be Supplier or Customer), you would have to create them in the Customer or Supplier master first. After that when you select Party Type in your journal entry, you would be able to make the transaction. Some useful links

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thanks @Pawan I just understand about party column, it is just like what I think and I should make a document master first (customer or supplier). Now my problem is I want to make a party called creditor and when I make a new doctype name creditor, it show the creditor menu but there isn’t any button to make a new document for the creditor. and how I can make that “new” button appears?