Party Type and Party is required for Receivable when salary submit

an error “

when am trying to submit the salary slips — payroll processing

please help

Getting similar error, did you get any solution?

am also having the same error.
@KanchanChauhan any help or pointers?

create a account Salary payable under Accounts Payable and make it Default Payroll Payable Account under your company setting

I did that. This error appears asking for reference type and date.

screen shot the error

I have also done that, if I set account type as “Payable”, getting error as screenshot shared earlier. If I remove account type and keep it blank, it resolves the issue.

However, JV is not bifurcating payable amount between employees, and accrual is as single payable entry of total salary of all employees.

create a new account Salary payable under Accounts Payable under chart of account and set it to default

In screenshot above, you have not defined account type, in account “Salary payable”, try defining that, you will be able to replicate the issue.

I have this issue as well. The Default Salary Payable Account cannot be set as a Payable account type, or you run into this issue.

Hi, did anyone place this order as an issue?
Since you can’t get an individual debt per employee and I don’t see this solved in v11.

I don’t see many people referring to this in the forum either, and it is essential to know which employee will pay you and which will not.


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Sir we had tried this also but the issue did not resolved if their will be any solution for this issue can you inform us