Party type and Payment Entry in Accounts

Hi! Here is my case. I would like to use ERPNext as a system to handle my expenses. Now for the people/companies that i pay my expense to, do i make a new Party Type or do i use the existing ones such as Supplier and Customer? What do you suggest? And in making payments for expenses, do i put it in Payment Entry or make a Journal Entry? Thanks!

my opinion:
try use “expense claim”


You can make Journal Entry to book expenses.

Prakash H

Hi @airzoink,
-You can use “Journal Entry” ,In that you can Enter your Remark as well.
-First book the expense against an XYZ account and then reimburse it
as cash or cheque. This will help to track total expenses against a
particular account

Account head GL

To reimburse

Thank you so much for all your suggestions! :smile: