Pass MySQL root password and Admnistrator password to sudo python --production


I am looking for create a docker image of ERPNext with this:


FROM centos:7

MAINTAINER “William Moreno Reyes”

Bundle many commands in a single file to get a smaller image

ADD build .

The install scritp fetched Oct 18 2016


Install ERPNext in the container

RUN /bin/bash build


build file:

Update base image

yum -y update

Install al configure ERPNext

python --production --user frappe

Make a smaller image

yum clean all

But the scritp ask for the MySQL root password and administratot password, so I need to add is this values can be pased ad options to or it can read then from system env.


So, as a workaround, what you can do is pass: --run-travis with This will skip the prompts and set the passwords as “travis”.

Whilst this is not ideal, this should let you progress your Docker image. You can make a PR (to to add arguments allowing passwords to be passed along with I might do that myself later.