Pass Parameter in the SQL Statement

I want to pass patient parameters in the SQL statement , If I pass a value of a particular patient Id , I am getting the desired result, I am looking way to make it dynamic based on parameter . Thanks

Based on googled , there is simple way but I could not find the solution

def get_fav_doctors (**kwargs):
data = frappe._dict(kwargs)
patient= data.get(‘patient’)

favorite_doctor_list = frappe.db.sql(“select,a.practitioner_name from tabHealthcare Practitioner as a left join tabMy Doctors as c on WHERE c.parent = patient”)
return favorite_doctor_list `

Parameters can be passed either as tuple (ordered parameters) or as dictionary (named parameters, preferred way to do it.)

named parameter example is present in docs:

btw this isn’t frappe specific, it’s python DB-API spec: PEP 249 – Python Database API Specification v2.0 |

Thanks a lot @ankush , your link helped and we have working code


def get_fav_doctors (**kwargs):

data = frappe._dict(kwargs)

patient= data.get('patient')

values = {'patient': patient}


    favorite_doctor_list = frappe.db.sql("""select,a.practitioner_name from `tabHealthcare Practitioner` as a left join `tabMy Doctors` as c on WHERE c.parent = %(patient)s""", values=values)

    return favorite_doctor_list

except Exception as e:


    gen_response(500,"Something Wrong. Please Try Again")

Make sure this is safe. allow_guest means anyone can query this endpoint without any permission checks at all.

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ya, its just testing, thx