Password change

when i change user password, it give below error: can any one help me.

thanks for advance

Have you tried running bench --site all migrate

@pipech, thanks for reply, i did bench --site all migrate. but still same
@rmehta, please can you help me

Send Version details so we can help test in our versions. Is the administrator changing user password?

erpnext 7.0.34
frappe 7.0.30

  1. its not administrator user,

Please don’t direct requests to individuals to seek their help, this is a volunteer forum.


@clarkej, sorry for that, any one can help me…

Since the version is old it will be tough to get people who are using it to replicate and figure out the issue.

I have faced this problem sometime back when I updated the version but it was in v10 and all it required is bench restart.