Password for erpnext required in bench restart

Trying to install POSAwesome in ERPNext and a step requires that I restart bench. It asked for the password for erpnext, but none of the passwords I set works. I tried the root password, the site password, erpnext Admin password, nothing works. That is all the password I remember setting.

So my quesiton is, which password this console asking for?

Thank you in advance!

hii @cbanawan

It is asking for the password of your erpnext user in your system.
If you do not know the user password, try creating a new password using the following command:

sudo passwd erpnext

Then, create a new password.
I hope this is helpful.
Thank you

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Hi @Manav_Mandli

This is exactly what I needed. I got it to work now.

Thank you very much!


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