Password missing in Email Account. Why I need enter password every time?

Hello! Every time, when I logging in desk, I have a layer with error Password missing in Email Account and field for password.
How to fix it?

any ideas?

Hey @goldenscrew maybe you can check what API its called and maybe check the Email Account. Check if Email Account password already saved or not. If not maybe try to re-save it in Email Account directly and see the output.

The password saved, because email sending.

…maybe you can check what API its called

What do you mean about API?

Yeah so i believe every data/prompt (including the prompt) in Frontend needs data from Backend and it communicating via API.

So maybe you can open network tab in your browser then hit refresh. From there we know list of all the API it called (including function that responsible to show the error).

You can share the screenshoot or the list of API here.

what should I do?
Screenshot of what? I have nothing with word API.


This? What shoud I do next?

I just added main mail for user. Now I deleted it and it works.