Patient name not able to rename

Dear Team,
How to rename the patient name after payment has been done and submitted.

By mistake we are created patient name in erp healthcare in VM production server. Not able to rename the patient name could you please help me on this issue.

If you click on the name near the top (below the “E”, next to where it says “Paid”), you can edit and update the title. Not sure if it’ll help, but at least it will look right

In Top of the patient name able to change. In that picture which i has colored (yellow) the patient name only was displaying in sales invoice. i couldn’t able change the patient name.

This issue has been resolved… Thank you

Hi @Boosa_Shravan,

It would be really appreciable if you post how you solve this issue. maybe others can benefit too if anybody encounter such a situation…

thank you

Yes think of it as a note to yourself in case you forget what you did here :slight_smile:

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