Patient Summary Print Format


As you can see there is one Total Paid & Total UnPaid in the above document, I want to print those in a print format. Also the table - Item-Wise Sales Register & Accounting Ledger of the customer, I wiant in a single print format.

Is there any help I can get?

I’m not too sure if you’ll be able to get the dashboard info from Patient on a print format, I would recommend using any of the Customer based reports to print patient receivables.

You’ll be able to create dashboard charts based on existing reports and add to dashboard which will help you manage this?

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Hi, Thanks for the reply. But as per the patient’s demand, every Hospital gives them a summury report, where they can see their whole Payment and charges details along with the deductions in a single sheet. Which is essential in a Hospital in India. That’s wht the issue is.

You’ll be able to create a custom report with necessary transaction information of the Customer linked with the Patient.

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