Pay as you go supply model/Consigment model

I need to implement a Pay as you go model where supplier X provides inventory and as soon as inventory is sold at the end of day, accounts reconciled and cost price for any product that had been supplied by Supplier X gets paid 1st (debit to a prefunded bank account)

So if Store begins with 50,000 at the Till and
Sells 3 invoices totalling 10,000, 5000, and 1500
during the day he receives 2000 from supplier
Store ends the day with 64,500
After reconciliation, a debit for 14500 is made to the account, the supplier paid Cost of Goods ( via payment gateway and the store retains their profit.

Any thoughts on how best to implement this ?

Goods are on consignment.

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You could check gross profit report to know valuation of the item sold.

Secondly, you can maintain batched inventory. Track purchase price for the batch, items sold, and do rest of the adjustment accordingly.