Pay attention to the translations

Hi, I’ve been making translations to Spanish and fixing some of translations that are already made, But nobody is approving that translations, I’ve saw a long time ago many errors on translations and I wanted to fix it, but there is no advance on , and I dont have the Karma to do it. Can some one pay attention to that?

The best way to get Karma would be to find fellow spanish speakers and work together, approving each others translations. I hope you’ll find somebody here.

Also, there’s the Translation DocType in ERPNext that you can use if you need a translation in one system real quick. Also, you can edit the translation files on your server manually, but i wouldn’t recommend that.


Hi @josmeldiaz21,

The biggest problem in spanish is that there are individual country wise translations that fracture the full translation file. In all honesty es-PU won’t be much different from es-AR or even simple es.

I am proficient in spanish, I can work with you on translating es file and focus on getting that finished.

hi @josmeldiaz21, I can help too. I haven’t done it before but if you let me know how, I can help,