Payment amount not based on rounded total

sales invoice the final amount is not based on the rounded total but the net total.

Here the grand total in 26.10 , but the payment amount should be the rounded total i.e 26…
instead when i pay 26.10 the change amount is 0 , when it should be .10… even in the system the amount and profit is calculated based on 26.0…

else what is the point of a rounded total at all !
Is there any way around it , or am i doing something wrong ?
Please advice .


Rounding doesn’t mean rounding to a whole number or a natural number. Rounding for currency is based on the smallest denomination of the change you legally tender. So your requirement might be valid for some use case, but not how we use it.
That is the point of rounding.

Thanks for the reply , i have set the smallest currency fraction as .25 …

now if the total comes as suppose 5.30 , i wanted it to be rounded up to 5.5 , but thats a separate issue , so keep it aside for now ,

Now there is no currency as .30 , so customer can only pay 5.25 but because the system is not considering rounded amount , so still the amount payable is 5.30… so when the customer pays 5.25
0.05 goes into expense as writeoff , which should not happen
after hundreds of such instances the profit/loss statement would be way off …

same would be the case if i just leave it in system as the 5.30 paid by customer … its 0.05 more than the actual cash … many such instances would result in wrong calculation…

I hope you understand my scenario …
please advice

What currency do you use?

Kuwait Dinar but we don’t deal with or tender change in coins , so smallest paper note is 0.25 KD.
so we round up to the nearest 0.25 fraction - .25, .5, .75 ,1.
So to that extent have set the smallest currency fraction as 0.25

Where is the logic written , it is possible to do some changes in code to achieve this ?
I don’t want to mess up the existing structure if i do something wrong…

Could you please guide me.