Payment and collection problem

in the previous version when ever you want to make payments from purchase invoice or collection from sales invoice the link will redirect you to the journal entry and it allows you to Add new rows if there is 3rd or additional accounts to be inserted like when you make collection from invoice you might touch VAT or other accounts but now in v7 the payment entry module only allows to insert only 2 accounts the debit and credit side,so how can we solve this?to conclude the payment entry module must allow to insert new accounts.thanks example you make a sales of 1115 USD 1000 is item cost and 150 is vat so when you make the collection you will insert 1000 to the ite income account and 150 to the VAT account but now its not allowing to do so!thanks

@nabinhait,any suggestions?

As I understood, you are not making invoice and while making payment entry, you are selecting income account, bank/cash and VAT account. If this is the case, then it is not possible via Payment Entry, you have to use Journal Entry for that. In Payment Entry, party account is mandatory.

In Payment Entry, there is a deductions table, it can be used to book write off, exchange gain/loss or if the customer is paying after deducting some taxes/charges etc.

thanks for your replay,i got the answer.

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