Payment and HR modules missing after bench update

Good afternoon all,
Restored ERPNext v13.41.1 backup (database only) to my v14.5.0, which included Payments and HR modules. Tested all modules including payment entries, bank transactions, General ledger, etc., etc. all seem to work correctly.
After the restore I updated to v14.7.0, which ran successfully, however, when checking the "Help>>About
Installed Apps
ERPNext: v14.7.0 (version-14)
Frappe Framework:** v14.15.0 (version-14)

both the Payment and HR modules are missing.
Can anyone advise as to whether I should add the missing modules.


The modules are separated from V14 version.

Please take a look:

You must install it after you installed ERPNext.

Hope it helps!

Thank you for your prompt response.

I am aware of the changes in v 14, and the separation of Payments and HR modules. Also, noted that v14 would not install without the Payment module.

Nonetheless, I have been using ERPNext v13 on a VM (Ubuntu 18) for some time.
A few months back, I installed v14 (Beta), on a separate VM (Ubuntu 22.04, including the mandatory Payments module with the additional HRM module, which I have been testing, till now.

Yesterday, I took the latest backup of my v13.41.1 and restored it on my VM running v14.5, did a bench migration, and update. All went well and tested successfully. that is to say, all legacy data both reference and transactional were in and working on v14.5.

Having completed validation checks, I updated to v14.7, and after completion, I noticed both Payments and HR modules were missing. Knowing that the Payment module is mandatory for the v14 installation, its absence conserns and posels me as to how the updated version (v14.7) is functioning without it.

It will be good to know how v13.41 with an integrated payment module restores on v14.7 with a separate Payment module.

I hope you can help me undersatand this fenomenon.

Only developers can tell you the truth.

In my opinion the Frappe system seem to work from diff apps and doctypes.
These may be can work separately or integrated, but all data belongs is in the database all ways.
In this case all data, what you have, it can be read out, as an integrated module or as a separate app.

Thank you for your input.

Have a great weekend.

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