Payment Entry and accounting for Merchant Fees

I’ve been trying to get Stripe integration working properly but am having a few issues. However, that’s not what I need help with today.

I’ve been using Stripe’s Invoicing capability for the one customer I have that pays with a credit card. My question is, how do I account for the Stripe processing fees when creating a payment entry in ERPNext?

Any suggestions will be appreciated!



Assume you get 100.00 money from your customer. From this, stripe charges you 10%.

In the Payment Entry, you put the following:

  • Received: 90.00
  • Deduction or loss:
    • Account: Cost of money transfer, bank charges or similar
    • Amount: 10.00
  • Payment reference:
    • Type: Sales Invoice
    • Allocated: 100.00

Hope this helps.

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Great! Thank you for the quick response!

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