Payment entry changes

What has happened?

Old Payment Entry screen, we type in what the customer has paid, and the system automatically allocated to the invoice, and we can click in the box to override if appropriate

New system - no allocation column so we have to click on every line and manually update it

That is a big backwards step. Is there a workaround? We really need this feature back

Hello Ron,

Thanks for indicating this issue. For now, you can manage this using “In List View” feature of the Customize Form.

@nabinhait please check if we could update this in the product itself.

Hi, can you expand a little. Which field / form would I customize to “In list View”


Please check: Add column to list view - #5 by sofia


So for others:

I have modified the “Payment Entry Reference” form.
Changed the Allocated field to “in list view”
Changed the Total Amount field to not be in list view (because we can only have 4 columns in list view - something has to give)

This screen could really be 5 columns

I have pushed a fix in the standard product. It will be released by the end of today.

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