Payment Entry - Deductions/Loss not working

The Deduction/Loss not working

Difference amount is not going zero

This is the message I get on submitting the payment entry


Your difference amount is not zero. Hope this documentation will help you:

I see that you did not have a good look at the screen shots i have posted. I have been doing what you intend me to do but not working.

Please have a look at the first pic i posted.

I am paying through my bank for the invoice but bank deducts additional charge for the same which is posted in the statement as one payment. which i am trying to post as shown in the earlier pic

Hi @Sai_Nath_Ravipati, the problem is the allocated(INR), in the Reference Table, amount be 1630,75 , not 1625.


The allocated amount cannot be 1630.75 as you suggested.

Because the amount to be allocated to invoice in reference table should be 1625

and in the deduction/loss table bank charge should be 5.75

as you have suggested I tried change as directed but it did not help

I think it’s a bug that only shows up for Payment Type = “Pay”.

When the payment type is “Receive”, things work as expected (and as documented):

  1. you receive less than the invoice amount,
  2. you allocate the entire invoice amount to the receipt,
  3. you set your loss
  4. It works!

But when the payment type is “Pay”, then the loss should be compared against the ADDITIONAL amount you paid compared to the invoice. Unfortunately, that’s not happening.

Any suggestions for a quick fix?

Any updates on this bug ?

It is bug in Payment Type = “Receive” also.

Version 10.

on Submit of the Payment entry gets the following error message


Is it really a bug or am i doing something wrong.

Followed each step carefully , as per the link below.

it works. :slight_smile:

Just to clarify. Should the write off amount be negative?

+ve in your case.

Depends on the difference ,
If the amount received is more Write off amount will be -ve
if less write off amount will be +ve

It depends. Basically there are two tables in the Payment Entry screen: (i) SI or PI allocation table & (ii) Deduction or Loss. The total of both this table should be equal to the amount mentioned in the ‘Pay’ section.

So, if your allocation is less than Pay amount, you would have +ve amount in deduction. Example could be exchange gain or loss. And example of -ve amount could be discount received.

Hope this helps.


I am unable to change the allocated amount in the payment entry reference table at all. Am I doing something wrong?

Also, question on this… if we already entered a payment and it still shows an outstanding amount even though it was supposed to be taken as a discount, how do we handle that? How do we allocate that payment to a “discount” so the invoice shows PAID and not open on the customer’s account?

Screenshot plz. Also share if any message or error you getting.

Let’s say your SI is 100, Discount is 10, so net receive amt is 90 then in the payment entry receive amount put 90, in the allocation table put 100 against the SI and in the discount table put minus 10 as discount income (indirect income ledger)…are you doing this? If not, what is your workflow?


Good Day Everyone.

I am facing a similar problem with the SINV and PE.

Case scenario:

the Grand total is 5000, the customer is paying 4500 only (and all parties are satisfied, and Please notice that SINV status is Unpaid). At the PE the paid amount is 4500, Then, the next step would be to make a deduction in the DEDUCTIONS OR LOSS table, I select the account and the cost center, and I type in 500 in the amount.

In the Difference Amount “docfield” before clicking Save, it was 500, but the Unallocated Amount “docfield” was also empty. (To be fair, it isn’t read-only, but it should automatically calculate the Unallocated Amount before clicking Save to avoid Confusion).

After that, I click Save then it calculates the Unallocated Amount. Then, I click Submit.

Now, The SINV status should be “Paid”, but the status doesn’t change.

Next, I check the General Ledger, it was (Accounting-wise) Matching with DEDUCTIONS OR LOSS table Account.

My Issue is, the Unallocated Amount at the PE is not Calculated or recognized by the SINV, where the SINV status, as mentioned above, is not changing into “Paid”.

I need the SINV status to turn into “Paid”.
Please tell me What I am missing or doing wrong. I would be appreciative to have a reply ASAP. (Time is of the Essence). Thank You

P.S: PE=Payment Entry. SINV=Sales Invoice.

Set the allocated amount to be 5,000 in payment entry

hello, i have a question, in Deduction or Loss section, can i have the amount generated automatically?

example from sales invoice amount is USD 100, and i want to add some kind of additional tax for the certain formula, because if i should input the tax manually everytime, it will take some time :slight_smile: