Payment Entry error that happened after data import

Dear guys, after i downloaded the template for payment entry and used it to successfully import bulk data into erpnext in payment entry list, now i am trying to create a new payment entry from erpnext site (not data import ) i get always the same error the payment entry no PE-0003 is already dublicated, while it should have continued counting after PE-0110 (as this is the latest imported data in payment entry list) but not PE-0003

this is the screenshot from my error
please help
Thank you


This is validation message. You can set naming series for Payment Entry. Follow below steps.

  1. Go to Setup > Data > Naming Series

  2. Select Transaction as Payment Entry

  3. Scroll Down form and set Prefix and enter Current Value

  4. Press ‘Update Series Number’ button

After updating naming series, reload form and check.


Thanks alot, solved my problem