Payment Entry exchange rate error

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in my case base currency is USD as well as the payment Entry, the Customers currency and the bank account. So there should not be any exchange required I guess. Is this a bug then?

The only thing is that my Default Currency is not my local currency … but adding an exchange rate for my countries currency:working currency does not make this go away neither?

EDIT: seems defining and exchange rate for Default Currency:local currency actually is the thing I needed to do. It just took a while till the system picked it up apparently

let’s say you wouldn’t want to change default behavior … where would you have to enter this? Can’t find anything in the Payment Entry Form

Answer: as mentioned above … setting exchange rate local currency:working currency was the thing to do

wondering what this damn Default Currency is?
… your company is located in country A, but your business deals in a different currency then the currency of that country A. The currency you actually work in is the “Default Currency” (some call it ‘working currency’). It is being defined in >Setup >Account >Company (DEFAULT SETTINGS Section)


Is your default currency different mainly for Item Price? If yes, you can set Currency in the Price List. But it will be best to set default Currency same as base currency of your ERPNext account.

You can change default setting from:

Setup > Settings > Global Settings.

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using ERPNext v7.0.58…I’m experiencing the same issue… In payment entry I use same currency as my company’s currency, no exchange rate needed…but cannot save. I unticked mandatory for exchange rate in customize form > payment entry…but didn’t solve the issue…

What’s the problem here?


SOLVED…uncheck mandatory field for target_exchange_rate