Payment Entry for Customer's invoices

Hello team, I have a situation where I have billed 5 invoices to my customer (invoice1, invoice2, invoice3, invoice4, invoice5), but when the customer “pays”, they do one single bank deposit and tell us this covers 4 out of 5 invoices. I think I understand the concept of payment entry and would apply for this scenario, but how can I select the invoices that I want to “pay” and reflect that proper status in the invoice. I tried to do the payment entry and select the customer who has outstanding bills, but I don’t any option to select the invoices for the customer. I hope this makes sense. Thank you.

Just change the allocated amount for the unpaid invoice to 0

Thank you very much. The issue I’m facing is that I cannot select any of the invoices available for the customer, they are not listed in the payment entry section, so I was wondering if there is a way “to call” the outstanding invoices for the customer to be able to process the respective amounts.

Do you want to share some screen shots?

  • An image of the Invoice list view, with just this Customer filtered
  • An image of the Customer page, showing their outstanding balance
  • A screenshot of the Payment Entry page, with the customer entered as the Party

Make sure you block out the customer name if these are real transactions and not just from a test account.

Thank you Ben. Just for the record, not sure if this is suppose to the be the behavior, but with some customers the invoices were not showing until I entered an amount of the payment. This is a bit weird because for others, all the invoices were listed as soon as I picked the client’s name, but thank you very much for the response.

Check the payment mode… Will only show when payment mode selected…