Payment Entry for Journal Entry

So here is my issue. A custom has some credit left so we refunded them by cash. Therefore I used Journal Entry with

Now when I go to Payment Entry for the same customer I get:

Why does the Journal Entry show up in the payment entry?
The error I get is:
Against Journal Entry JV-00003 does not have any unmatched debit entry


Why are you posting a negative debit instead of simply credit Cash and debiting the customer? I’m sure posting it this way will fix the issue.

First of all, using negative values in debit and credit is not standard and probably why it is confusing the system logic.

My suggestion is

  1. cancel the journal entry.
  2. Enter a payment in payment entry using Cash Mode of payment to record the refund.


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II tried with positive value, it would just give the customer more credit. for some reason.

How do I delete an already submitted doc


Did you credit cash for $120 and debit debtors for $120?

Sounds like you did the opposite. Am not sure you quite understand debits and credits. You may want to get a refresher as the system logic applies this concept properly.


Ohh shoot. yes you are right… man should of never used the negative values. now i need to reset erpnext and start over

Little late to be of help, but you can just cancel, and then delete any submitted document in ERPnext. Not a good nor an efficient idea to reset ERPNext every time you make an error.