Payment Entry for Post Dated Cheques

Hi there, currently, we are using Journal Entry to
record collections and payments and adding account “PDC received and PDC issued” for PDCs.

But in the recent versions, Payment entry was already available.
We are planning to migrate in using this payment entry for these transactions since we also want to limit access of cashiers in “Accounts Module” for Journal Entry.
But I am wondering how it differs in using Journal entry for PDCs.

How will we make entry for PDCs considering below dates in payment entry:

Receipt/Voucher Date: Actual date the cheque was received/issued
Posting Date : date the entry will reflect in the Accounting General Ledger
Reference Date : Date of Cheque received/issued

It is important to us to have a record of how much
PDCs we have issued for a certain Supplier in checking available funds that we
can utilize for a particular period as well as checking how much PDCs we have
received for a certain customer.

In this regard, we also want to limit access of
cashiers in “Accounts Module” for Journal entry that is why we are planning to
migrate to Payment Entry.

Anyone knows how to do it?


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You can create Payment Entry for post dated cheque. Please refer the link to learn more.

Hope this helps.

Hi @ZYC Reference Date and Posting Date are already available in Payment Entry. Posting Date will be the date when you Submit the payment and can be changed for PDC as said by @ArundhatiS . For Receipt/Voucher Date you have to create a new Custom Field in Payment Entry. Clearance Date is added after Bank Reconciliation.
Cashier access can be adjusted using Permission Manager.

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