Payment Entry has been modified after you pulled it

Payment Entry has been modified after you pulled it

I have no idea what this error message means or how to fix it.

If there were a complete reference manual available for ERPnext that would be so helpful.


Please provide steps, so that we can try replicating this issue locally as well.

Hi @umair,

I encountered this error as well. Below are the steps:

  1. Create and Submit Sales Invoice
  2. Create and Submit Payment Entry against Sales Invoice
  3. Cancel and Amend Sales Invoice
  4. Try Submitting Amended Sales Invoice and the error below pops up

“Payment Entry has been modified after you pulled it. Please pull it again.”

Please advise on how to proceed


@ArundhatiS please try to replicate this issue.

we just did and we have exactly the same issue while trying to submit the invoice. Is the problem linked to advanced payments?

Thanks in advance

Hello again,

We are currently trying out the free version before expanding on charge cloud version but we did not manage to solve this issue… Could you help out?

Thank you

@umair :confused:

I’m facing the exact same issue with advance payments on the current development branch.

bench clear cache

might help

Found the solution: according to umair 's post here, a journal entry for advanced payment needs to be created first before referencing it at the sales invoice. The journal entry’s form can be autogenerated at the Sales Order, using the make > advance payment button. Fully documented at Advance Payment Entry.