Payment Entry not linked to Sales Order

Hi guys,
I recently ran into a trouble with following scenario:

  • USD is customer’s currency, VND is company’s currency
  • USD Sales Order made against a Quotation
  • USD Sales Invoice linked to a Sales Order (40% of SO value)
  • VND Payment Entry linked to Sales Invoice (100% of SI value, 0 remainder)

All of above mentioned records are submitted, Sales Invoice is marked as Paid, however when I check Billing and Delivery Status in the linked Sales Order, it shows 0% of Amount Billed (instead of 40%).

Do you have any idea how to fix this?


Hi @_kj ! What version are you currently running? Can you check in the General Ledger if payment is posted? You can raised a GitHub issue for this in case it is really not showing correctly. Or you can try to replicate in ERPNext demosite for further checking. Thanks!

Hi @creamdory, thank you for your reply! We’re on v8.0.34 (master). Regarding the Ledger, everything seems good, I believe:

Also wondering, should the Payment Entry be linked here or it has relation only to the Sales Invoice?

@_kj Did you ever resolve this issue. We are seeing the same issue. A payment against a sales invoice is not showing up on the sales order. So, even though the sales order is fully paid, it is still showing up as overdue.

@Goeppert Have you made Delivery Note against that Sales Order?


Hello, @_kj as said by @prakash_hodage there should be a Delivery Note in place associated with the Sales Order so that it shows the correct status. This is an ERP not an AI tool, after all. :slightly_smiling_face: