Payment Entry- pay to customer

pay to customer via payment entry and not linked to sales invoice or sales order…just against another payment entry

Please explain with the use-case? Are you referring to adjusting payment against credit/debit note? An example will be helpful.

the customer make an advance payment via payment Entry then we need to pay him back the advance payment without cancelling the first payment and without making journal entry so i need to use pay to customer via payment entry without sales order or returned sales invoice

So, it’s like a deposit.

This feature is not available for now. Please create Github Issue to be able to manage it from Payment Entry.

For now, please manage it from Journal Entry. You can use Print Format called “Payment Entry Receipt”

Currently you’re only able to pay customer if the customer has credit note issued…the system should be able to debit receivable account if the customer has negative balance/deposit balance…either payback to customer or deduct any future invoices…within single payment entry form…

hence users would not need to move between payment entry and payment reconciliation

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