Payment Entry Question

Hi, I have a scenario where we sell services to a Customer that has two different divisions, with each of it’s divisions having it’s own FEIN, and wanting to maintain it’s own accounting. I was going to model each division as a separate Customer in ERPNext.

When it comes to payments of outstanding Sales Invoices, the parent customer will sometimes send a SINGLE payment for invoices for both divisions (customers, in ERPNext).

When I manually create a Payment Entry, I can use Payment Reference table to indicate which Sales Invoices the payment should apply to. However because of filtering, it seems the payment can only apply to one of the divisions, not both.

Anyone have advice on how to model this in ERPNext? Should each of the divisions be modeled as different Customers? Or, should I only have one Customer, but use accounting dimensions?

Is it possible to have one party pay the sales invoice for another party?

Thanks in advance for guidance.

Hi Rich,

This is how i would handle this situation.

You should receive a payment recon for invoices to be paid from the payment schedule.
If you have setup two separate customers for the one company ,you would then
calculate the split in payment per customer.
|You can then pass one journal entry for the 2 customers against a bank/cash entry for each split of payment with a single reference . After posting the journal u can use the payment reconciliation tool to allocate the payments for each customer.

Hope this is useful

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You can also pass Payment Entry against each company balance. 2 PE should be equal to 1 credit in your bank account.

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