Payment Entry REST API

Hi, Will appreciate if someone can share the sample JSON for the Payment Entry; I am trying the below JSON but the record is not getting created

“payment_type”: “Receive”,
“naming_series”: “PE-TA-.#####”,
“company”: “Test - Akhilesh”,
“mode_of_payment”: “Cash”,
“party_type”: “Customer”,
“party”: “Bhaskar Jain”,
“party_name”: “Bhaskar Jain”,
“paid_from”: “Debtors-Retail - TA”,
“paid_from_account_currency”: “INR”,
“paid_to_account_balance”: 0,
“paid_to”: “Cash - TA”,
“paid_to_account_currency”: “INR”,
“reference_date”: “2018-05-10”,
“received_amount”: 100,
“paid_amount”: 0,
“source_exchange_rate”: 1,
“received_amount”: 100,
“target_exchange_rate”: 1,
“base_received_amount”: 100,
“reference_no”: “transaction ref no”,
“title”: “Bhaskar Jain”,
“docstatus”: 0,
“remarks”: “”

Any Errors ? It could be possible that Link Field is missing

No error. its returning the list of PEs created in the system when the request type is POST

any help is appreciated. Just need to know whether the functionality not available for this document or is it a bug; This is critical for us as we accept Sales Orders from customers and Payment as Payment entry that will get settled when invoicing is done