Payment entry to GL Accounts

Is it possible to make a GL Payments in payment entry module. EX - I need to enter a payment to welfare GL Account,

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Can you please describe your need in a little more detail?

Payment entry is a way to make or receive payments from/to suppliers/customers. So you can use any account that is a payables account.

So, if you have an expense that needs to hit your Welfare GL Account, so let’s say it’s a service that you are buying from Supplier A. So the first thing you do is to create a non-stock item. Then you make a Purchase Invoice on Supplier A for this non-stock item and in the expense account field in Purchase Invoice Item, you enter the welfare GL Account. When you make the Purchase Invoice, the value will be expensed out to the Welfare GL Account and create a liability for Supplier A in your Payables Account. When you make a Payment Entry, the Payables Account is impacted.

If you don’t want to do all this, you can make a Journal Entry Type: Bank/Cash and expense that out directly.

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Hi JayRam

Thank you very much this help me lot. i make this payment with Journal Entry