Payment Entry Updates sales invoice outstanding amount

Hi all,

I am getting invoices from only sales invoices based on company and customer, for that we have written seperate query I want to update sales invoice ouststanding amount field when we allocate some amount from my current doctype.

This updataion should happen onsubmit of current doctype.

for example if invoice is having 500 oustanding amount. I will allocate 500 for this invoice after saving and submitting it should update sales invoice outstanding amount.

Prakash N
Amdocs Pvt Ltd

Any reply on this?

what is your question?

Thanks for you concern. I have created a seperate doctype from which I am able to get all the invoices having outstanding amount > 0 as same as payment entry .when I adjust some amount to that particualr invoice oustanding amount will get update. the same outstanding amount should get update on submit of current new doctype.

For example see the attachment below.

I allocated 650 for that particular invoice. after allocating outstanding becomes 24619.8 . this outstanding should get update in the sales invoice “ASPL/BLR/00929” I hope you got my point.

I manage to do it. Thanks