Payment Entry with Tax and Charges


I’m in need help to understand the right way to use tha Tax and Charges on Payment Entries, as I can’t find it in the documentation.

This is an example of my scenario:

First, I’ve created a Sales Invoice with the corresponding taxes for my country.
200.00 + 32.00 of sales taxes

For that invoice, I’m creating a Payment Entry, for the total amount of 232.00 (net total + taxes as per the previous image)

For that Payment Entry, I’m adding the sales tax and ticking the “Considered in Paid Amount option”. This considers the 32.00 as being taxes

This last step, leaves me with a Writeoff difference of -32.00, so I can’t submit the Payment Entry until I leave the difference on 0


So my question is, how can I add to the payment entry the detail of those taxes without affecting the Difference Amount? I’ve already tried adding to the entry some Payment Deductions or Loss lines, but it just adds to the difference instead of removing it.
Or is it a bug?

If you already added the taxes and charges in sales invoice, you do not have to add it again in payment entry. System is showing the outstanding in payment entry including the tax amount. Here 232$ is the amount including tax right? So customer is paying 232$ fully. Its already added to your tax ledgers during the invoice creation. Now you have to receive the total payment.

Oh, I see. Thanks!