Payment for Customer group

How to make payment for a entire customer group directly?

we have a customers which have like a main company and many smaller companies(Branches) under it.
we sell to those smaller Branches and we need to keep track of what is sold to what branch - simple enough -just create different customer for each branch under customer group of main company and sell to them,
but the payment is made to us together for all the branches by the main company .

Consider each main company has average 12 branches ,calculating payment for each individual branch and making payment individually isn’t feasible.

So how do i make a payment entry for the main company which effects all child branches invoices.?

Any other other alternative idea is also appreciated.


Try to use Payment Entry Tool & if needed you can customize to add Customer Group filter for party type Customer.

Better solution is to treat those different branches as different shipping address. Since the legal entity from wh ere you get your purchases order is the same and the company that poys is the same that is . A better way to track it. A customer group is not a customer group but a category. Like Corporate Accounts, F500 or industry verticals.


Actually thats a pretty good idea, but are there reports based on shipping addresses?
for example what stock and how much is shipped to which address and like individual amount to be paid by each address?

Because we need to provide the main company with the details about which branch owes what as well as keep track ourselves…

As far as i see there are only filters for customer group ,
because its obvious that the entire point of doing this is to have ease of tracking and paying.

Any suggestions are welcome.


Literally every line item is tracked by when and where it was delivered. You would have to have a custom report built by exporting data out into an excel which might take 30 min every time. Else program a custom report in ERPNext but I haven’t done it. Try the report builder. :slight_smile:

If you still need help with reporting maybe start a new thread. Or search the discussions.

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You can download the GST itemised sales register to see which item was purchased by which customer and the match it with the delivery note (which should have the shipping address) and then you have it. Just an idea.