Payment Gateway for Saudi Arabia and Middle East

Hello everyone, i have noticed a great expansion of the payment gateways integration with ERPNEXT specially in version 13. However i do not see even one single payment gateway that support Middle East Countries such as Saudi Arabia.

there is a significant increase in the usage of ERPNEXT in Saudi Arabia and there are many payment gateways that usually used such as and

i would highly appreciate if this can be considered to create one or two payment gateways integration that support Saudia Arabia and Middle East region

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نحتاج مطور
و انصح بخدمة امازون الجديدة ولها مستقبل ممتاز ان شاء الله

Thats good to see this requirement from Saudi, im working on the ERP for sometime now and its excellent except for the banking and syncronizing with the accounts.

Untill this online bank sync or the payment gateway is implemented.
the easy other way is do a import of bank statement periodically- this is available and simple.
But after the bank transactions are fetched i am not able to asssign the transaction to the matching document. ( Eg. when the tranaction is a customer money received, or a supplier invoice paid, how will this be settled against the sales/purchase invoices) ?Similarly when a expense is met via bank and that transaction imported to erpnext how is this be allocated to particular expense head.

And after the bank transaction import is successfull, the values as debit, credit and the balance should reflect in the bank account. this does not happen to. May be im missing some steps in between, hope someone in the forum will help us.

when i try to create a bank statement setting, it gives the missing field error but the page do not have the option Bank Account in it. Possibly by this way if we fix/match the description key words to appropriate account, A submit button should post those transactions to those account.

In Bahrain we have made payment gateway for credit card from MasterCard However, we couldn’t make for debit card as the service provider for some reasons of their own only accepts or PHP based sites. For that reason we are moving the whole e-commerce website to WordPress WooCommerce.

i want to bring this also in the same subject please.

i have this data (as in Picture) in the bank transaction through data import. Now i want to post all these VAT(Tax) entries to an account head Tax. how do i do that please. we should possibly not require any journal entry,. we should only need to allocate/point to a appropriate head. so how to do that please.

my serious doubt is : This bank transaction which we import to ERPNEXT - does that get imported into bank account or not ?!

i have sorted out the “missing field” error, but waiting if anyone give their expert advice on the transaction posting :slight_smile:

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You can use the Bank Reconciliation tool to add payment entries/ journal entries corresponding to bank transactions

You can use the Bank Statement Import tool to import the bank statement instead of using the data import tool

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