Payment Gateway Order Process

Newbie here, and just starting out, but where is payment gateway integration for a sales order - say authorizing at sales order and capturing at invoice or auth + capture at invoice?

Hi @skids! Welcome to ERPNext. You may want to take a look at this documentation link.

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Yes, I see it as a gateway, but I don’t want to request payment, I just want to apply a payment. In other words, a customer calls our office, places an order and gives us their credit card information (once) and then we authorize and capture at that moment - customer knows their card is processed and order is shipping same day. After that, the tokenization process saves information in gateway so that upon return the customer order process does not require to ask for card info again and stays PCI compliant.

I was wondering if not integrated is anyone working on it? Thinking about it? Want to seek development? We are a US based company.

AFAIK, there is no provision for storing customer’s payment details in the system. The authorization and payment is managed by Payment Gateway, so they might have this provision. @saurabh6790 can you give some guidance here please?

Paypal (Paypal Pro) has this provision, they said it was up to the Platform as to where and how it is presented. We’re just looking to have it available in the process (at time of Sales Order) and at time of Account Receivable, but simply integrated and not a Payment Request.