Payment Gateway PayPal

can we add other gateways except paypal?

what does this screen do?

Currently, the system only supports PayPal and Razorpay.

Setup PayPal :

Setup Razorpay :

thanks, I thought so.
but what is the function of the screen above?

it’s a payment gateway account.

When you setup payment gateway, the system setups one default account for company currency, against which transactions get mapped.

If you accepting payments in multiple currencies then you need to create payment account manually for those currencies.

This payment account used while creating payment request.

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Just stumbled upon this, in case anyone looks this up, the above useful links have moved to

PayPal integration

When the client comes from the PayPal payment process and the payment is informed as successful, the page won’t lead to confirmation page but rather for an error 404 page. The link to confirmation page is wrong. Also the link is wrong in that case if you interrupt your payment and come back to the store.