Payment Ledger V/s. General Ledger and payment reconciliation

After doing payment reconciliation on a sales invoice against a payment entry, payment entry gets updated with the references (sales invoices, in this case) but this payment entry is not shown in the general ledger of the customer and/or of the sales invoice.

Further investigation showed that the GL Entry made against the payment entry (which was updated by the payment reconciliation tool) does not have any value for “Against Voucher Type” and “Against Voucher”. The Sales invoice is not there in the remarks as well.

And then I realized that Payment Ledger was introduced in v14 according to feat: Payment ledger feature by ruthra-kumar · Pull Request #31033 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

However, the users are used to clicking “Accounting Ledger” button and checking General Ledger, which is present everywhere, from sales invoice to customer details, and accounting ledger is built with “GL Entry” DocType. The payment entries which have been reconciled are now missing from it which is causing great confusion to enveryone.

Please suggest how to tackle this? Should we add a “Payment Ledger” button in all the doctypes where “Accounting Ledger” button is present?