Payment of invoice with Credit note


I created a sales invoice and sent it to the customer.
There was a mistake on the invoice so I made a credit note on that invoice for a part of the invoice.

Now the customer has paid the invoice - credit note amount.

How do I correctly fill in the payment?

The amounts in the payment form are very strange as well.

Initial invoice: € 2,471.16
Credit note: € 67.76

Paid amount: € 2,403.40

Amounts in the payment:
Total amount: € 2,471.16 (where is the credit note taken into account?)
Outstanding: € 2,538.92 (why does he add the invoice and the credit note amounts?)
Allocated: € 2,538.92 (?)

Could somebody help me see the logic here?
And explain to me what the intended flow should be to input the payment?

Thanks in advance.

The challenge is solved.
ERPNext part was working perfectly fine :slight_smile:

It turned out to be a miscalculation that was done on the part of our custom module.
Our dev found out herself.
She is amazing.

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