Payment Overdue - Email Alerts

The current ‘Email Alert’ feature sends out document-wise emails.

Send Daily/Weekly/Monthly Overdue invoice summary in a table format to customers.

Current feature
Currently, the ‘Email Alert’ feature can be used to configure sending one invoice at a time to a customer. This will flood the customer’s mailbox if there are many overdue invoices. Plus from the customer’s perspective, he/she does not have a consolidated view of all the due payments.

Proposed feature
Single email per customer with a summary of unpaid/overdue invoices as email content and all invoices as attachments to a single email.

This feature has been long requested and is quite practical. The link to the user’s GitHub feature request has been attached below.

Suggested email format:


I have this feature ready with me, surely i will plan to add this in separate app and publish this on frappe marketplace soon with adding some more enhancement and features.

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