Hi all,

I’m still confused how to create payments/receipts then make allocations against sales/purchase invoices. I could not find it… so we can manage its over/under balances…


-After submitting "Purchase Invoice/ Sales Invoice " form you can see
“Make Payment Entry” button appears.

  • You can make JV against that sales invoice.

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Anybody can give some hints? Thanks

Hi @shraddha,

Sometimes customer pay in bulk amounts not per invoice…then we can allocate the payments to outstanding invoices. Sometimes we’ll still have over/under balances and can be matched to next invoices

Can we do that?
Same scenario applies with vendor invoices. Is this possible? How to set this use?


I’ve just tested making purchase invoice payment…if it’s against purchase invoice then payment amount cannot be greater than outstanding balance.

Is it possible to make over payment/receipt against purchase/sales invoice?..and the over amount will automatically deduct future outstanding balances…


You can use the payment tool to make payments against multiple invoices

But still the payment amount cannot be greater than balances amount. My use-case is our business partners can make certain deposits or make over-payments as deposits to be allocated for future invoices…

Is it possible to apply this use-case?

Yeah, over payment is blocked, maybe we can add this as a setting. Can you add it to Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Also if you want it on priority:

[we just launched this service]


Can you please tell whether the above setting is implemented? if Yes, Can you please provide the details.

Mohanraj Kesavan

Is this setting implemented?

@Mohan_Raj Can you please specify your query. I am closing this since its an old thread.